System Watcher

With the System Watcher application you can register file events like renamed, changed or added files. It also enables the registration of processes, performance (CPU and RAM usage), Opened windows and their titles, Login Warnings (When does a user login?) and keyboard inputs. Important changes of the system can be sent to the user via mail. Frequently asked questions are answered in the section below.

A short introduction of the System Watcher program




To install System Watcher:

  1. Download your selected program version
  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file to a folder that you like*
  3. Execute System Watcher.exe
  4. A short tutorial will show you the basic overview of system watcher.
    And voilà, you’re done!

*Please note: There might be problems if you delete the program folder without disabling the option “Launch program on startup” after System Watcher has been started once.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use System Watcher?

The main usage of System Watcher is to check what happens with own files. Why are they changed? When? Who changed the? Additionally System Watcher provides other information about user activities that can be shown to the administrator or the user itself. Also the analysis of performance in combination with processes enables new options how to optimize the

Why is Windows Defender marking the application as dangerous?

While installing different Security Programs like Windows Defender are blocking the installation of System Watcher. Sounds suspicious, right? No need to worry: Specific code elements in System Watcher that are essential for functionality can trigger Security Software. Depending on your software, the program can be moved to quarantine or be blocked while the installation. Before installing check the file details that are given above!

Is the application secure?

All products of the Line Monitoring Series comply with high security standards. System Watcher is an offline application, so it does not require an internet connection where possible issues could exist. Though there are several ways about insecure behaviour of users. (For example insecure handling of data) We inform our customers about this possible security breaches to prevent wrong usage of our software.

Do other user know that the application is running?

If the program is active it will be marked by an icon in the taskbar where it can be accessed. In case of many icons it can “disappear” in a collection that can be opened by clicking a little arrow in the right taskbar. If the application Key-logger is active a red or red-orange blinking sign will warn users about the active key-logger for their own security. This window cannot be disabled while keyboard inputs are being registered.

What data can be collected?

Here is a list of data that can be received and stored offline on the users machine depending on settings and will be stored in the program folder:
– Date, Time
– File Event: Rename, Create, Delete, Move, Edit
– Paths to files and moved files
– File size
– Current User
– Process name, ID and Priority
– CPU and RAM usage
– Keyboard Inputs
– Opened Windows Titles
– Webconnection active or inactive

Does the program affect the OS?

Not really. System Watcher was designed to be very performance-saving. The only edit of the registry files can be achieved by saving the settings. This is necessary to enable or disable auto-start. If errors occur that affected your OS otherwise please contact us.

Why does the loading process take so long

Especially when System Watcher has collected much data about a long time and auto-delete is deactivated it can happen that the application takes some time to load. Why? Because the program is reading and sorting more than hundreds and thousands of lines data. That can take a while

Why is there an error message

If you see an error message or the program is not working functionally please contact us or send us a bug report. (See our Bug Report Form). With your help we can provide better and more stable software for everyone. Thank you.