Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

On this page we summarized our privacy policies for you. This includes which data is collected when, how its processed and stored.

By contacting us or submitting a project idea or another message using the embedded web forms you are sending us personal data in form as your contact details. We are going to talk a little bit about this data. 


Why do we need your data? 

We need your mail address, forename and surname to be able to respond to your messages. Without these contact details it would be a one-way-conversation – That is not the type of working process that we would like to have. In case you added your phone number (that is optional) we can also call you. Otherwise we only write you via mail. 


When do we delete your data?

A few weeks after a project is finished or your question has been answered we will delete your personal data. Why are we keeping it a few weeks longer “than needed” ? 

Well, that is because we want to be sure that there are no sudden questions we have to ask you because we forgot a little detail that is important. In case you do not want to finish a project or if you prompt us directly we are going to delete your data immediately.


How are we storing your data? 

Your data is being stored on the same servers on which our website is being stored. These servers are using encryption and are being provided by our web host “World4You”. If you are interested you can get more information at about the servers and the web host that is responsible for data security of its servers. There are two forms how we save your data there: First, we get your contact details via mail and then we add your contact details to our address book. By ‘deleting’ we mean the deletion of the mail with your personal data as also the deletion of the address book entry. Your contact data is only stored on the World4You-Servers and will not be transferred to any other hosting providers. 


How do we know if your data is correct? 

We are not changing or adapting the contact details that you send us. If you are submitting us wrong or invalid contact details we will respond to an invalid mail address or answer you with wrong name. We are not validating information that is being sent to us. There is no possibility to check this information.