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Welcome to the webpage of Waldhoer Solutions, a non-profit organisation that is providing information technology services as software, images, music and more multimedia products for commercial, educational or private usage. Our products can be downloaded directly from our subpages without registration.
Here you can find all information that you need as also download links, product descriptions and our support page. We are happy to hear from you!

Product Categories

  • Software Engineering
  • Music Production
  • Image Creation
  • Video Creation

The assortment of programs and software is growing all the time as we upload new tools for Windows and Android. The main functionality of our products is a faster working process for users that saves time and nerves. Because of
our big product range we update our programs at irregular intervals.
Visit our software page for more details.

The production of
electronic and natural music at the Waldhoer Solutions Music Studios is
one of our fields of expertise. Our instrumental songs are available on
several platforms, including YouTube and Soundcloud. We provide our
musical knowledge to young musicians and support records of multiple
musicians and bands. Visit our music page for more details.

Our computer
generated images can be downloaded in full high definition or 4K
resolution. The images can be implemented in web pages, videos, as
backgrounds or can be used for further editing. Due to increasing
requests we have added backgrounds that are specialised for mobile
devices as smartphones and tablets. Visit our image page for more details.

On behalf of Waldhoer Solutions our videos are provided to YouTube by our Channel MeWa Production. We are providing short sketches for personal use, advertisement or music visualisation. In order to provide high quality videos that are dazzling the audience the production is quite time-consuming. You can find our video products on several YouTube channels and websites.

Key Advantages

  • Products For Free
  • High Quality Standards
  • Participatory Design
  • Premium Support
All products that are provided by Waldhoer Solutions are completely free. You can download, use, share and edit our products without paying a cent. There are no "Pro-Editions", free trials or premium addons - We think users should not pay for convenient products.
No matter which product category: Waldhoer Solutions only provides high quality products that conform with the best user experiences. Our software matches highest security standards, our images are displayed in highest quality and our music is recorded in stunning quality.
The magical moment of creating an unique project is the first time an interested person sends us a nice idea. Mostly we work on demand - Therefore the opinions of our customers are the most important ones. Our philosophy is: "If you are not happy with the product then it is not done.
We are almost always responding to customer requests within a day, sometimes even a few minutes. To enable participatory design we have to be easy to contact all day. In case of bigger projects we are also reachable via phone from 10 am to 18 pm. Mails can even be answered till 21 pm.

Some Examples

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