Image Analyser

The Image Analyser program has been developed for quick picture analysis. After selecting an image the user gets a list of all colors that are contained as also other information about the file.

Picture Analysis with Image Analyser
A small example how the Image Analyser looks




To install the Image Analyser:

  1. Download your selected program version
  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file to a folder that you like
  3. Execute Image Analyser.exe. Voilà, you’re done.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the program?

You can use the Image Analyser to get all colors that are contained in an image. The picture can be ether selected by file or be a current screenshot. You can set how detailed the file analysis has to be by changing the selection on the right window side. After the results are shown you can click on a color to copy its contents. The format of the colors can be set in the right side panel. By clicking on “Advance Information” you can see more additional information about the picture.

Why is Windows Defender marking the program as dangerous?

If Windows Defender marks this zip file as dangerous do not open or save the file. This program does not require specific permissions, you probably have a corrupted or infected installation package.

Does the program affect the OS?

No, besides basic principles Image Analyser is not interfering with system processes.

Why is there an error message

If you see an error message or the program is not working functionally please contact us or send us a bug report. (See our Bug Report Form). With your help we can provide better and more stable software for everyone. Thank you.