Our mobile app “Heary” lets users check their hearing ability. Therefore it offers a frequency slider which allows personal tests. While we recommend Heary using headphones always check the devices volume before playing a note to avoid possible hearing damage.

Download Heary (android app)

Version https://www.waldhoer.org/product-files/Software/heary-release_1.0.0.1.apk


To install Heary:

  1. Download your selected program version
  2. Install the apk file via system installer; it is possible that you have to give required permissions
  3. After opening the app, click on install. Heary will save progress automatically.

What is happening during installation?
While Heary is being “installed” it is creating new sound data on the local device which will be used for faster playback. With this method Heary uses pre-generated files for immediate playback. The “Reset data” button allows resetting sound files if there are technical problems.

Bug Reports

If you see an error message or the program is not working functionally please contact us or send us a bug report. (See our Bug Report Form). With your help we can provide better and more stable software for everyone. Thank you.