We can help you with a lot of technical knowledge and products. Here you have a list of all services that we offer. If your project idea can be categorised in one of the following sections you can submit your personal project idea or ask if your idea is conceivable
3D Models

We create 3D Models for special occasions like computer rendered videos or 3D printers. Complexity of modeled objects can vary from high resolution realistic to low poly objects. Some of our models can be found at Sketchfab. The creation of advanced models can take up to a few weeks.

Graphic Design

We draft and finish logos that are used on webpages, social media or the like. 2D Models can be drawn in quite many ways, we always try to find the fitting design. Additionally 3D Modeling of finished logos for videos can be requested.

Rendered Images

Our images have a resolution of Full High Definition (1920*1080px) or a 4K
resolution. We create images for backgrounds, webpages, design and
further editing. There are no boundaries in using our pictures. Most
picture files can be found on Some royalty free graphics can also be found on the media platform pixabay.

Rendered Animations

We are responsible for the creation of Full High Definition or 4K-resolution Videos in form of computer generated animations. We animated figures, models and more, depending on our customers wishes. We share our animations mostly in mp4 file formats.

Music Production

We write, enhance and record music from all music genres, but we mainly
publish electrical music. We also support local bands near Vienna
(Austria) with our technical equipment and knowledge in music
production. Our songs can be found at or in several YouTube videos.

Film Editing

One of our services is movie and film editing. Starting with short sketches to music videos we create videos that can be used in different situations. Processed videos mostly contain a short credit at the end of
our work.

Graphic Design

Webdesign and graphic design were the initial working field of Waldhoer Solutions. We implement our knowledge about logos and images in special designs. When we combine those elements we can create creative and beautiful websites.

Software Engineering

To enable a faster workflow we produce software for Windows users. We work with the programming languages python, C# and C++. Our finished projects can be found on our software page. Our programs always have highest security standards and a simple understandable graphical user interface.


Wood, Stone, Grass or Leaves – We make textures for special occasions, e.g. computer games. We provide textures in different quality ranges, depending on the application area. Textures are not CGI – We go out in the woods or take shots of walls, streets and so on.

Still unhappy?

If you do not know if your project idea can be categorised as one of the sections above do not hesitate and write us a message to check our services. If not manageable we will redirect you to another organisation or company that can help you with your concern.