Merlin Waldhör


I am Merlin Waldhör, a young computer science student from Vienna. On this page you can find all my projects that I created with other volunteers or alone. I started publishing first computer projects in 2014 and engaged in new and exciting challenges since then. Here you can find some details about my technical knowledge.

Coding Skills

I have gained experience on the field of programming with the programming languages Python, C#, C++ and Dart (using Flutter) within educational or personal projects. 

CGI Skills

Besides coding I am working with the multi-functional program Blender to create 3D- and 2D animations as also high quality background images.

Musical Skills

As a highly active musician I am working with different programs and tools to record music, edit tracks and configure required music components.

Social Media

You can find more information and updates about tech, music events, hiking trips and my personal blogs on the following channels.


Waldhör Solutions provides content that was created by Merlin Waldhör and some supporters. Thanks to volunteer product testers and contributors we are able to share our products in this form.

Sebastian Waldek

Waldhör Solutions Team

Musical contributor, Product tester, Usability evaluation

Valentin Wieser

Waldhör Solutions Team

Product tester, Usability evaluation