I am a young computer science student from Schwechat, near Vienna. Besides my current academic education at the university of Vienna I am active local council member of the green party in Schwechat. As pianist, singer and songwriter I am also frontman of the band Liquid Air. In terms of education I share my knowledge on computer science with adults and seniors at the VHS Schwechat. To stay in shape I am a swimmer at the local sports club and certified life saver.

Merlin Waldhör at the green party in Schwechat

Local Council Member

As local council member of the green party in my hometown I advocate for a sustainable, modern and inclusive Schwechat. As youth and culture spokesman of the greens I bring a new mindset regarding digitization. Because I am one of the youngest politicians in the government of Schwechat I try to take as many young ideas into politics as possible.

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I play multiple instruments including saxophone and piano but I also am singer and frontman of the band Liquid Air. Besides writing and composing I also work on personal projects. Due to my frequent performances I am also member of a music club in Schwechat. Additionally I support bands like Stummfilm or Se kella.

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Since I got in contact with water the first time in my childhood I have always been an enthusiastic swimmer at the sports club in Schwechat. Beside my helping functions at competitions as official I am also certified life saver in the area of swimming. Due to my experience as swimming teacher for kids in the past I am also able to offer lessons for adults and children.

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Computer Scientist

I collected first experiences and aroused enthusiasm in computer science in my young childhood. Starting with simple webpage design I got in touch with basic programming and game design over the years. After raising my interest I am now fully worked into programming and development. Besides, I use my skills to share knowledge with seniors in CS classes at a further education institution. 

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